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Graph Information

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
Total number of listeners totallisteners gauge      
Totalt number of sources totalsources gauge      
/stealkill stealkill gauge      
/stealkill_128 stealkill_128 gauge      
/stealkill_1_0_ogg stealkill_1_0_ogg gauge      
/stealkill_320 stealkill_320 gauge      
/stealkill_3_0_ogg stealkill_3_0_ogg gauge      
/stealkill_5_0_ogg stealkill_5_0_ogg gauge      
/stealkill_8_0_ogg stealkill_8_0_ogg gauge      
/stealkill_96 stealkill_96 gauge      
/stealkill_aacplus stealkill_aacplus gauge      
/stealkill_opus stealkill_opus gauge